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Nyjil Patrick Basilio Columbres, USRN, RN

Grandison is one of the hidden gems in the IELTS review industry. What sets them apart from other review centers is their ability to adapt to each student’s learning needs. Not only were they able to improve our English communication skills but also helped us boost our confidence – which is something I think is quite unique to them. With their 2-month preparation program, I was able to achieve my desired band score on my first try.


Kimberly Ann Villarosa, RN, MN,USRN

I have had two prior employers that didn’t work out before my application with Grandison Management. Browse all the agencies that are in the market, but only Grandison grants the most incomparable offers that you can ever wish for: 6-12 months overall processing, EB3 Premium processing, freedom to choose your state/ workplace, and great customer service!

Today, I just leaped one level higher in my green card processing – my I-140 has already been approved. Next up: deployment!! 



Charity G. Furog RN, REB, USRN

I am extremely grateful to Grandison Nursing for their superb assistance with my visa application. They exceeded my expectations. I will definitely recommend Grandison to my peers and colleagues. 


Erin Faylona RN, USRN

Grandison Nursing has been helpful in assisting me in my application for employment in the US as a registered nurse. They actively provide vacancies in their partner facilities and provide placement as fast as possible. Although there are challenges due to the pandemic, they are responsive and explain the process thoroughly. Being guided by their staff gives me the reassurance that I am only a few steps away from living the American dream.


Mary Fober Ced, RN,USRN

Signing up with Grandison Nursing allowed me to pursue my American Dream without stressing out about the process. Their team works hand in hand to guide every applicant along the way. They have a very generous offer that prevented me from spending a lot of money during the process.

I thank Grandison for being attentive and consistent with their efforts to support me. I hope and pray that all of us who signed up will soon take off and begin our American journey ❤️.


Juliet Dosdos

It is always a pleasure working with Grandison. From the start, they help me achieve my dream, as they sponsor everything from NPTE, processing of paper, visas even when I arrived here in the USA, they ensure that I am comfortable, confident, and secure before they send me to my facility. All throughout the years I worked with them, they still continue to guide me, especially in processing my green card. Truly blessed to be part of this company because they won’t let you down.


Aldous Odulio

I worked for this agency for the past 5 and a half years as a Physical Therapist. In all honesty, it was not all rainbows and butterflies in this long time span I spent with them but ultimately, I would say the pros outweigh the cons. This company is a big part of the reason why I was able to move from the Philippines and work here in the USA to have a better chance at having a fulfilling career as a physical therapist and build a better life for myself.
Sentiments aside, I have had a good experience with the current staff of Grandison, to mention, Mattie, Alyssa, Alti, and Steven, and all the same with the former staff, Chayala and Sara. They are also tied up with a good legal team, Hammond Law Group, which was key to helping me acquire my green card sooner.
I continue to recommend this company to my family and friends.


Jundee Gomez

It has been an honor to be part of the team. Allow me to run down the highlights of my 5 years with Grandison: I was able to bring my wife and 2 kids to New York. My daughter landed multiple scholarships from Syracuse University and is in her Junior Year at Whitman College. My family and I secured our Permanent Residency – receiving our interview notice (and getting approved without hassle/delay/inconvenience) within 66 days from the day of filing; for this, I’d also wish to extend my gratitude to Hammond Law Group, especially Nora Anderson and Sara Lafevers. Lastly (and perhaps most importantly), I had secure employment even when the pandemic hit.

Grandison helped me realize the American Dream and, for that, I will always be grateful!


Edcel Gallito

To all the applicants who are waiting patiently, just hold on. Everyone has timing and yours will be given to you at the right moment. Just keep the faith and continue to improve your skills in general. Grow and improve all aspects of your life – spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical. Lastly, always appreciate each moment, as what they say, it’s not about “the goal,” it’s about the process of achieving your goal and remembering the people who helped you along the way. Continue your journey, you don’t know who you are inspiring.


Salvador Tan

I can’t imagine how much Grandison Management has helped me of what I become right now and the good things that come to my life here in NYC and to my family back home! I am very grateful to them. I will be forever indebted!

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