Why You Should Apply for a U.S. EB3 Visa Now

March 2, 2023
March 2023 Visa Bulletin

Why You Should Apply for a U.S. EB3 Visa Now

Why You Should Apply for a U.S. EB3 Visa Now

The EB3 visa category allows qualified foreign workers, such as nurses, to seek employment and permanent residence in the United States. The priority date remains current in the Philippines as of the March 2023 Visa Bulletin. And it means that now is the best time for Filipino nurses to apply for a U.S. EB3 visa.

Priority Date is Current for EB3 Visa

What does it mean for you when the Visa Bulletin says that the current priority date is current?

Filipino USRNs must carefully watch the Visa Bulletin determined by the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). This indicates when the priority date is current. And it is an important piece of information for those in hope to pursue immigration to the United States.

Defining priority date as “current” means that you can start the immigration petition process regardless of when you initially submitted it. In other words, once you have submitted an immigration petition you will now be able to proceed with the processing of their paperwork and visa without waiting for priority dates in order to do so.

Visa Bulletin Update for March 2023

The March 2023 Visa Bulletin is still showing good news as the PRIORITY DATE REMAINS CURRENT for employment-based visas.

Source: http://www.musillo.com/2023/02/march-2023-visa-bulletin-analysis-and.html

However, retrogression among employment-based categories is foreseen. This means that when a Filipino nurse applies for an EB3 visa at a later time this year, there is a probability that they may have to wait longer than expected before hearing back from USCIS regarding their application status. Additionally, if the priority date set for is retrogressed, applications may be subject to more delays. This is due to the influx of family based petitions, as well as new Filipino nurses and other qualified professional applicants.

Take Advantage of the CURRENT Priority Date

Start processing your U.S. application now before it’s too late! Take advantage of this opportunity while you can and make sure your application is up-to-date and complete so that you don’t miss out on the chance to be in the United States as early as 6-12 months. Once retrogression happens, waiting time can take years for nurses to get their hands on their EB3 visa. Jumpstart your immigration now and follow tips below

Be Petitioned Now : Complete Your Requirements

Those hoping to petition for an EB3 Visa in the United States as a Filipino nurse will need to fulfill several requirements. Primarily, they must have taken and passed the NCLEX exam, which is the prerequisite for all nurses in America regardless of origin. Additionally, one must also hold an IELTS score ranging from 6.5 to 7 to be considered eligible for a visa through this program. Having both NCLEX and IELTS scores is key to fast-track your U.S. immigration.

Benefit from I-140 Premium Processing

The I-140 petition is a form that applicants file with the USCIS. With this document, nurses can receive quick approval for their immigrant visas once they have completed their NCLEX and IELTS. This speeds up the whole immigration process and means that nurses don’t have to wait months or even years for approval.

Nurses benefit from having the ability to work in the U.S without delay. This brings significant changes to career opportunities, salary prospects and living standards. Ultimately, using I-140 premium processing will cost more than traditional processing. However, the time saved and improved prospects make it worth it.

Find a PWD Ready Petitioner
A Prevailing Wage Determination (PWD) is a US petition required for Filipino USRNs who intend to practice nursing in the USA. This document states the expected pay rate for jobs in specified areas and of certain occupations.

The entire process for obtaining a PWD can take anywhere from several weeks to months. Thus, to minimize delays and ensure an easy US petition process, nurses should opt for a petitioner who is PWD ready.

Choose the Best Partner in Securing Your American Dream

Working with a partner who is already familiar with the US visa application process can increase efficiency and reduce time wasted. This is beneficial for those who are looking to practice nursing in the U.S.

And through Grandison Secure Placement Program, you can enjoy the benefits of full U.S. Immigration Sponsorship and job security. We offer the following sponsorship benefits to help you achieve your American Dream as soon as possible:

  • PWD Ready
  • I-140 Premium Processing
  • Immigration and Legal Fees Sponsorship*
  • NCLEX Reimbursement
  • IELTS Exam Sponsorship or Reimbursement
  • Housing Allowance upon arrival in the U.S.*
  • Airfare Allowance
  • Cash Bonus and Incentives*
  • Competitive Salary
  • Zero experience is accepted — training provided in the U.S.
  • Choose your preferred state

Don’t wait – act now! Be a Grandison Nurse to jumpstart your petition

Apply now and get one step closer towards achieving your dream of working in the United States! Make sure that you don’t miss out on the opportunity that the priority date for EB3 Visas is still CURRENT.

Book your orientation now to learn more about the Grandison Secure Placement — USRN Sponsorship Program.




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