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1. Meet

Meet our new and enhanced review center, the GH Premier. Our top-caliber instructors boast an impressive 90% NPTE and 95% TOEFL passing rate. Throughout, you’ll receive access to a stocked library and plenty of support.
You’re ready to begin when you have graduated with a Bachelors in Physical Therapy and passed the local Philippine PT Boards.

2. Review | 9 months

Enroll at GH Premier Review Center via Grandison recruitment.
Value: 36,000 php. Take The Comprehensive Review (Stage 1) and receive a passing grade. File an application with the NYSED (New York State Education Department). Value: 15,000 php. FCCPT collects and transfers your documents for board review. Value: 25,000 php.

3. NPTE | 6-9 Months

Once your application is NYSED-approved, you receive ATT (Authorization To Test), which allows you to register for the NPTE.
Take The Intensive Review (Stage 2) and pass the mock exam. We assist with exam schedules and costs, in addition to airfare, hotel, and tourist visa.
After passing the exam, you will be enrolled in our TOEFL Review, also hosted by GH Premier.
Once you complete the TOEFL Review, you must take and pass the TOEFL Exam. Value: 9,000 php.

4. Doctorate | 18 months

Once you’ve passed the TOEFL Exam, you will be enrolled at Arcadia University to obtain your DPT. We will assist you with enrollment to Arcadia and provide you with student loans at an extremely low interest rate to cover the $12,000 tuition. During your time in the DPT program, you can take any additional courses that are necessary to round out your education. This is done through PRI and we will cover a limited number of missing courses. Value: 60,000 php.
Once you graduate with your DPT and complete any missing courses, we will help you file for an FCCPT Type 1 evaluation. Value: 63,000 php.

Trade uncertainty for support and stability.

We’ve mastered this complicated journey — and made it as straightforward, simple, and clear as possible. Accomplish your dreams with confidence and clarity!