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Giving healthcare professionals more states and facilities to choose from with our 10 years of experience in deploying healthcare professionals in the United States of America.

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Step 1

Immigration, Credentialing, and Licensure

Step 2

Visa, Training,
Client Interview

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Nearly $12,000 worth of Sponsorship* awaits qualified candidates!
No placement fee, no processing fee, no salary deduction!

Grandison Nursing also files EB-3 Visas for Nurses even without IELTS

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Your timeline is our
utmost priority.

Attend our Training Program while
waiting for your Immigrant Visa.
This is the fastest route for your

Employment Benefits

  • Referral Bonus Program ($1,500 up to $2,500)
  • NCLEX reimbursement
  • IELTS sponsorship or reimbursement
  • $24 - $40 per hour
  • Full-time Employment
  • One (1) month FREE housing
  • 15 PTO days per year
  • Overtime Pay (150%)
  • Health Insurance
  • Flexible Working Hours
  • Car Assistance
  • 35-hour minimum guaranteed workweek
  • Bring your loved ones with you!
  • Permanent positions available
  • End-to-end assistance
  • 1-month comprehensive training in PH
  • 6-8 weeks preceptorship (paid)
  • 401K Plan (once approved)
  • Sign-on bonuses

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