Immigration | Grandison | A Full Service Healthcare Staffing Company

1. Service

So you’ve graduated with your DPT. It’s time to file for an FCCPT Type 1 evaluation, the US visa screening service for health care workers.
Our team of consultants is skilled at navigating the ever-changing legal system, so you’ll have access to expert regulations advice. We have a 99% approval rate for immigrant visas, so you’re well on your way to fulfilling your dream. Grandison offers Green Card and H1B options.

2. Green Card | 11-14 months

While the Type 1 is being processed, we can start your Green Card process by filing a PWD. Once we have the PWD, and you’ve scheduled your Type 1, we can file an I-140 to receive an EB-2 Green Card. Value: 111,500 php. During this time, we may also assist you with applying for other state licenses to expand your potential for placements.
Value: Approx. 50,000 PHP.
Once the I-140 is approved, we’ll help you through the NVC process so you can receive an Embassy Interview and receive your Green Card.
Value: 53,000 PHP.

3. Deployment

With a visa stamp in your passport and a degree in your hand, you’re ready for deployment. We’ll book and pay for your ticket to the US. Value: Approx. 50,000 php.
When you arrive, we’ll pick you up at the airport and give you time to find your footing at our lovely staff house until you get settled.
Value: 96,000 php.
Even after you’ve established your career, we’ll continue to provide support and guidance throughout your employment, helping you out with licenses, immigration, clinical support, and more. We also offer a comprehensive benefits package including PTO, Health, Vision and Dental insurance options.